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Something to think about …. Congressional NASCAR jackets!!

It Is What It Is

~~January 13, 2015~~

If Politicians Wore Their Sponsors Like NASCAR Drivers

“Shouldn’t every politician wear logos on their jacket so we know who their sponsors are?

My name is Gil Fulbright, honest politician, and I’m only in this thing for the money. The 2014 elections will be the most expensive midterms in American history, and I want a piece of that action.

I’m running for Kentucky Senate against Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes to bring a little honesty to the most expensive Senate race in the history of the United States (and of course, build hype for a potential run in 2016 — I could totally score a book deal or a talk show if I play my cards right).”

“As it appears in … “





~~Honest Political Ads: NASCAR Politics~~


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Someone YOU Should Know: Pfc. LaVena Johnson…..Does Black Life Matter?

Cooks,carpenters or chemists #1in20 men are #perpetrators,you know a #rapist ! They #ownus !

Gay Wedding Realness

cupcake tales

10574456_585336138243780_7487772880335956871_n The most fantastic of Husbands (Photo by the Extremely Lovely James PB you can find more of his work here: )

So I just went to this wedding and it turns out it was totally not only Life changing but probably altered the state of reality to come. The realization snuck up on me some where in the middle of the service. I was standing there, watching Nick and Julian, the Husbands to be eloquently weaving words into vows when threw my sobs a realization most glorious descended upon me.

On that day I was a conduit for full body convulsing tears as I watched two fantastic men, surrounded by the people they love, Wed. Oh it was a Wedding dressed in more riotous colors then the spectacle of Heaven must be painted with. It was so vibrantly hued that the sky even grayed out of respect, to give…

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MISSING VETERAN: Donald “DONNIE” Eugene Kress Jr

Warrior Citizen's Blog


Missing Vet 2013-12-30

Donald “DONNIE” Eugene Kress, Jr


Last Seen Wearing:Tan Carhart jacket & insulated overalls with a plain white t-shirt

Height: 6’2″


Hair: Brown


Drives: WHITE 4 door diesel FORD F-520 with BLACK Brush-Guard on front and tinted back windows. Truck also has an external gas tank in the bed of the truck against the cab

Kentucky Disabled Plates:8447

Missing Since:2013-12-30

Contact:Hopkinsville, Kentucky Police Department 1-270-890-1300

Case Number/Report Number: 64807

Possibly headed for: Jacksonville, Florida

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Female soldier was found bloodied in her tent with a black eye, acid burns to her vaginal area, and broken teeth. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Angie's Anti-Theistic Thoughts

I am a rape survivor.

I have reclaimed a body someone tried to steal from me

but you call me


I am a cult survivor.

I was forged in the fires of hell

I have cast off shackles put on me at birth

and risen a new person

but you see me as


I am a domestic abuse survivor

a spousal rape survivor

an alcoholic’s wife survivor

and I left that man within three months of saying “I do”

but it wasn’t soon enough for you.

You say that I am irrevocably


I am a homeless survivor

and living indoors now

though it isn’t always easy and I never feel safe.

You probably think this is because

I am


I cared for my son with little help and much heartache

kept him fed and clothed and in school

but to you I was nothing more than…

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PFC LaVena Lynn Johson

PFC LaVena Lynn Johson.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family.

Happy Birthday LaVena!

Happy Birthday LaVena!.